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The USB 3380 is a PCI Express Gen 2 to USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Peripheral Controller. It features one PCI Express Gen 2 x1 port and one USB 3.0 SuperSpeed client port. The USB 3380 provides a matching bandwidth at 5 GT/s between the PCI Express Gen 2 bus and the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed bus. The controller can easily add a USB 3.0 client port to an existing PCI Express system, as well as convert an existing PCI Express function (endpoint) to a USB 3.0 product. The USB 3380 can configure the PCI Express port as one x1 upstream port or one x1 downstream port. The flexibility allows different system configurations to achieve the maximum performance of the product. The USB 3380 provides a pair of buffered, 100 MHz HCSL output clocks, for the downstream port when configured in root complex mode, saving BOM cost by eliminating the need for extra clock buffer(s).

Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Description Version Date Access
Product Brief Product Overview 1.4 22June12 Download
Data Book Detailed Technical Specifications 1.3 10July12 Requires Membership
Design Notes QFN Surface Mount Requirements -- 04Nov11 Requires Membership
Errata AB vs AA summary of changes 1.0 06June12 Requires Membership
Silicon Errata List 1.7 29July13 Requires Membership
Application Notes GPIO Programming 1.0 24Oct11 Requires Membership
Design Guidelines Hardware Design Checklist 1.4 03Oct12 Requires Membership
Videos Demo Showcasing PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - It\'s Simple! -- 27Sep11 View HTML
Quality & Reliability Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH/RoHS -- 28June12 Requires Membership
Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH144/RoHS2/Halogen-Free -- 28Aug13 Requires Membership
Certificate of Compliance, REACH 151, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Mar14 Requires Membership
Certificate of Compliance, REACH 155, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Sept14 Requires Membership
FIT Rate Reliability Monitor- Test Report (Quarterly) -- Q2 2014 Download
Full Product Reliability Qualification Report 2.0 14Sept12 Requires Membership
Product and Package Full Reliability
Qualification Report
2.0 11Sept13 Requires Membership
Reflow Profile -- 23Jan12 Requires Membership

Development Tools

Document/Resources Description Version Date Access
Software Development Kit (SDK) Firmware API SDK Setup (32-bit) - configured as PCIe ADAPTER beta2 31Jan12 Requires Membership
Firmware API SDK Setup (64-bit) - configured as PCIe ADAPTER beta2 11Dec12 Requires Membership
Firmware Porting Guide 1.0 30Sep11 Requires Membership
Linux driver for kernel 3.4/3.6 (legacy interrupt) 1.1 08May13 Requires Membership
Linux driver for kernel 3.8 (MSI) 3.0 05Feb14 Requires Membership
NET228x to USB338x Firmware API Migration Guide 1.0 30Sep11 Requires Membership
PCIe Go SDK (zip file) - configured as PCIe ROOT COMPLEX 1.0 06Dec12 Requires Membership
HSPICE Model HSPICE Model -- 25July11 Requires Membership
OrCAD OrCad Library 1.2 19Mar12 Requires Membership
Reference Design Adapter Example Schematic 1.5 08Aug13 Requires Membership
Evaluation Kit (EVK) Purchase Evaluation Board from Web Store -- 22Apr14 Requires Membership

Relevant Press Releases

Release Date Announcement
06/03/14 PLX Technology Enables Industry's First USB-to-PCIe Consumer SSD Storage Solution
02/10/14 PLX Technology's PCI Express-to-USB Solution Selected by Acer for New Aspire Z3-600 All-in-One Computers
09/27/11 Industry-Leading PCI Express Compliancy List Grows with Addition of New Switch, Bridge Products
03/07/11 PLX Announces World's First SuperSpeed USB 3.0 General-Purpose Peripheral Controllers


Application Description Document
NAS + DAS Universal Storage for Home Simultaneous High Speed NAS and DAS Data Access ExpressApps #92 (PDF)
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Enabled SmartTV High Bandwidth Video/Audio Connection ExpressApps #89 (PDF)
USB 3.0 Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) Wireless LAN Adapter High Bandwidth Wireless Communication ExpressApps #87 (PDF)
USB 3.0 Multi-function Printer (MFP) Ultra-Fast Printing and Scanning ExpressApps #81 (PDF)