PCI 9080

PCI 9080  Lead Free

32-bit; 33MHz PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerator, 30.6 x 30.6mm PQFP

The PCI 9080 PCI I/O Accelerator is the standard in PCI I/O Accelerators. It incorporates all the features of the PCI 9060 Family with enhanced features. In addition to providing the first processor independent I20 compliant messaging unit, the PCI 9080 is one of the first PCI interface chips to operate at both 3.3V and 5V. The PCI 9080 is offered in a 30.6 x 30.6mm 208-pin PQFP. This device is available in leaded and lead-free packaging.

PCI 9080 Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Product Brief Download     PCI 9080 Product Overview -- 09/98
Data Book   Download   PCI 9080 Detailed Technical Specifications 1.06 01/00
Data Book Addendum   Download   PCI 9080 Data Book Addendum 1.0 06/05
Design Notes   Download   PCI 9080 Design Notes 4 03/02
Errata   Download   PCI 9080 Errata List 1.6 05/05
Application Notes   Download   Configuration Registers AN - This application note describes simple methods for calculating values to program into Local Range, Chip Select and other registers, using the Windows calculator as a tool. 1.0 08/00
  Download   PCI 9080/403GC AN - IBM PowerPC 403GC Processor Connecting to PCI 9080 0.4 07/00
  Download   PCI 9080/860 AN - Motorola MPC 860 PowerQUICC Connecting to PCI 9080 2.0 01/98
  Download   PCI 9080/SH3 AN - Hitachi SuperH 3 RISC Processor Connecting to PCI 9080 1.0 06/99
  Download   PCI 9080/V830 AN - NEC V830 Processor connecting to PCI 9080 1.0 10/97
View HTML     TI Application Report SPRA539A - TMS320C6000 Expansion Bus Interface to the PCI Bus Through PLX PCI 9080 -- 08/01
Product Change Notification (PCN)   Download   PCN-2007-10: Final Qualification Report -- --
  Download   PCN-2007-10: Product/Process Change Notice, laser mark -- 02/07
  Download   PCN-2009-3: Final Qualification Report -- --
  Download   PCN-2009-3: Product/Process Change Notice -- 06/09
  Download   PCN-A050801: Device Marking Change - PLX Technology has standardized the top side marking for PCI 9000 series products. Marking content has changed and will affect inspection, pattern recognition, and tray and board loading equipment. -- 05/01
  Download   PCN-A060800-2 -- 06/00
  Download   PCN-A082100-2: PLX has qualified an additional wafer fab from TSMC. Wafer fab (F9) was qualified to increase capacity and to meet the demands of our customers. -- 08/00
  Download   PCN-A111700-1: This PCN is written and in reference to PCN numbers: 060800-1 and 060800-2. Marking font, size and position of mark, in reference to pin 1 (off 90) and will effect a pattern recognition system or device handler in use. -- 11/00
  Download   PCN-A120301-1: New assembly and test subcontractor was added for the PCI 9080 and PCI 9052 -- 12/01
  Download   PCN-2010-13: ASEM BOM Standardization 1.0 18Oct10
NAND Tree   Download   PCI 9080 NAND Tree 1.0 03/05
Ordering Information View HTML     Part Number, Listing and Compliance -- 11/05
Quality & Reliability   Download   Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH/RoHS -- 28June12
  Download   Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH144/RoHS2/Halogen-Free -- 28Aug13
  Download   Certificate of Compliance, REACH 151, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Mar14
  Download   Certificate of Compliance, REACH 155, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Sept14
  Download   FIT Rate Reliability Monitor- Test Report (Quarterly) -- Q2 2014
  Download   ICP Test Report -- 24Jan11
  Download   Lead-Free Material Analysis Data (QFP) -- --
  Download   Lead-Free Reflow Profile & Peak Temperature -- --
  Download   Leaded Material Analysis Data (QFP) -- --
  Download   PCN-2010-13a: ASEM BOM Standardization Package Reliability Qualification Report 3.0 12Sep11
  Download   Reliability Qualification Report -- --

PCI 9080 Development Tools

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Software Development Kit (SDK)   View HTML   Software Development Kit -- --
IBIS Models   Download   PCI 9080 IBIS Models 1.1 02/06
OrCAD   Download   OrCAD library files for OrCAD versions 7.2 and 9.1 -- --
EEPROM Guidelines   Download   PLX Technology has tested various manufacturer EEPROM devices for use with our PCI 9000 series devices. 5.0 06/04
Third Party Software View HTML     Third Party Software: WinDriver for PLX I/O Devices -- --