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The ExpressLane™ PEX 8608 device offers 8 PCI Express Gen 2 (5.0 GT/s) lanes, capable of configuring up to 8 flexible ports. The switch conforms to the PCI Express Base Specification, rev 2.0. The PEX 8608 architecture supports packet cut-thru with the industry's lowest latency of 140ns (x4 to x1) and offers two virtual channels for traffic prioritization in the system. This, combined with large packet memory (2048 byte maximum payload size) and non-blocking internal switch architecture, provide full line-rate on all ports. The PEX 8608 supports both host-centric as well as true peer-to-peer traffic. The PEX 8608 also features an on-chip Non-Transparent port for dual-host and failover applications and supports dual-clock domain operation by virtue of support for Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) isolation. This switch is hardware configurable and software programmable, allowing users to tailor their port configurations and quality-of-service system needs to suit their application requirements. This device can be used in a wide variety of applications including control planes in the communications and networking markets, intelligent adapter cards and embedded systems. The PEX 8608 is offered in a 15 x 15mm 196-ball PBGA and is available in both leaded and lead-free packaging. This device supports Access Control Services (ACS).

Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Description Version Date Access
Product Brief Product Overview 1.2 05/09 Download
Data Book Detailed Technical Specifications 1.3 31Mar11 Requires Membership
Design Notes Dual Cast, 8600 family feature (white paper) 1.0 10/07 Requires Membership
Dynamic Buffer Pool, 8600 family feature (white paper) 1.0 10/07 Requires Membership
Error Injection (white paper) 1.0 07/10 Requires Membership
Hardware Design Checklist 1.0 11/09 Requires Membership
Non-Transparent Mode: Setup & Demonstration (white paper) 1.0 04/09 Requires Membership
Power Management Modes, PEX 8600 Products (white paper) 1.0 04/08 Requires Membership
Quick Start Hardware Design Guide 1.2 12/09 Requires Membership
Read Pacing, 8600 family feature (white paper) 1.0 10/07 Requires Membership
REXT Resistor Guidelines 1.2 12Apr12 Requires Membership
Errata Silicon Errata List 1.8 26June12 Requires Membership
Interoperability Interoperability Report 2.0 06/09 Requires Membership
Application Notes Gen 2 switch compatibility with Gen 1 devices 1.2 11/09 Requires Membership
PCI-to-PCI Express Bridge Interoperability Issues in Some Windows Platforms 1.0 13May13 Requires Membership
Performance Metrics White Paper 1.0 07Oct10 Requires Membership
Performance Monitor Feature (white paper) 1.0 05Jan11 Requires Membership
Timing Specifications for EEPROM, I2C, and JTAG 1.1 24Aug10 Requires Membership
Using a PCIe Switch as a Bandwidth Bridge 1.0 04/10 Requires Membership
Using Dual Cast feature of Gen 2 switches 1.0 05/08 Requires Membership
Videos IO Sharing via PLX PCIe Switches -- Oct 2010 Requires Membership
PCI Express 3.0 over Optical Cable -- Oct 2010 Requires Membership
PCI Express Clustering for next generation data centers -- Oct 2010 Requires Membership
Product Change Notification (PCN) PCN-2010-14: Final Test Location (ASE Kaohsiung Taiwan) 1.0 26Oct10 Requires Membership
PDN-2011-4: Product Discontinuance Notice of select revisions/packages -- 22Dec11 Requires Membership
Quality & Reliability Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH138/RoHS2/Halogen-Free -- 15Mar13 Requires Membership
Certificate of Compliance (CoC) - REACH144/RoHS2/Halogen-Free -- 28Aug13 Requires Membership
Certificate of Compliance, REACH 151, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Mar14 Requires Membership
Certificate of Compliance, REACH 155, RoHS2 and Halogen-Free -- 04Sept14 Requires Membership
FIT Rate Reliability Monitor- Test Report (Quarterly) -- Q2 2014 Download
Green 15x15 PBGA Materials Analysis Data Report -- 04/09 Requires Membership
ICP Test Report -- 27Sep10 Requires Membership
ICP Test Reports -- -- Requires Membership
Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification (IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1) -- 03/08 Requires Membership
Reliability Qualification Report -- 06/09 Requires Membership
RoHS 6/6 Certificate of Compliance (PEX86xx Flip Chip BGA products with a suffix 'F') -- -- Requires Membership
Webinars About PLX PCIe Gen3 Switches (may require Webex plug-in) -- 05Oct11 Requires Membership

Development Tools

Document/Resources Description Version Date Access
Signal Integrity Kit PCIe Receiver Equalization (white paper) 1.0 12/08 Requires Membership
PLX Gen 2 Testing over "16 / 30" Tyco Comm Backplane (presentation) 1.0 12/08 Requires Membership
PLX PCI Express over 30" of Legacy Backplane (white paper) 1.0 07/08 Requires Membership
Tool provides loss estimation and bandwidth distortion for a specified trace distance and configuration. 2.0 06/08 Requires Membership
Using PEX 8648 SMA based (SI) Card (white paper) 1.3 20Jul10 Requires Membership
Rapid Development Kit (RDK) Hardware Reference Manual 1.3 06Aug10 Requires Membership
Software Development Kit (SDK) Software Development Kit -- -- Requires Membership
BSDL Boundary Scan Description Language files -- 03/09 Requires Membership
HSPICE Model HSPICE Model -- 04/09 Requires Membership
OrCAD OrCAD Design Files for Add-in Card RDK -- 12/08 Requires Membership
OrCAD Library Files for the PEX 8608 -- 12/08 Requires Membership
Pinout Document Pinout List 1.1 01/10 Requires Membership
Design Guidelines PCB Layout Review Guide 1.1 29Sep12 Requires Membership

Relevant Press Releases

Release Date Announcement
09/27/11 Industry-Leading PCI Express Compliancy List Grows with Addition of New Switch, Bridge Products
08/01/11 PLX to Present on PCI Express-SSD Storage at Flash Memory Summit
07/26/11 PLX Powers High-End Graphics Interconnect in New ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 Motherboard
06/21/11 PLX and Avago Technologies Team-Up to Prove PCI Express over Fiber Optics at 64Gbps
11/08/10 PLX Announces Sampling of Industry's First PCI Express 3.0 Switches
10/18/10 PLX Techology Executive to Present at Linley High-Speed Interconnect Conference


Application Description Document
Bandwidth Bridge Gen 2 speeds; Low power; small package; Fan-Out ExpressApps #77 (PDF)
Communications Router/Switch PCIe Connectivity & Fan-Out ExpressApps #60 (PDF)