NAS 7821

NAS 7821

Consumer NAS SoC with dual-core processor and dual-SATA port


The NAS 7821 is a next generation media network-attached storage (NAS) device and is the successor to the OXE810DSE. Its unique Trident architecture includes dual-core ARM 11 MP (each core running at 750 MHz), application specific hardware engines for networking, storage, and security, as well as highly structured firmware for the highest performance at the lowest system cost. It is the ideal solution for media enabled consumer storage devices and supports multiple HD quality media files, remote access, back-up, security (including AES-128/256 bit encryption and hashing), file sharing, and much more. NAS 7821 provides two integrated SATA ports, hardware based RAID 0 and RAID 1, RGMII, and two USB 2.0 Host/Device ports supporting additional expansion capability such as USB HDDs.

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NAS 7821 Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Product Brief Download     Product Overview 1.0 01/10
Data Book     Download Detailed Technical Specifications 1.0 12Oct11
Design Notes     Download Schematic Design Checklist 1.0 02Aug10
Errata     Download Silicon Errata List 1.0 08Oct10
Application Notes     Download Building NAS 782x Software 5.0 17Feb11
  Download   Getting Started with the NAS Manager 1.0 15Mar10
Rapid Development Kit (RDK)     Download Hardware Reference Manual 2.0 18Oct11
Design Guidelines     Download PCB Design Guidelines 3.0 05May11
Videos View HTML     Demonstrating NAS Wireless Routing, Video Transcoding -- 28Mar11
Product Change Notification (PCN)   Download   PCN-2010-14: Final Test Location (ASE Kaohsiung Taiwan) 1.0 26Oct10
  Download   PCN-2011-1: Heat Spreader Removal -- 05Jan11
  Download   Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN-2013-8) -- 27Dec2013
Compatibility Test Report     Download Test Report 3.0 18Oct11
Ordering Information View HTML     Part Number, Listing and Compliance -- --
Quality & Reliability   Download   FIT Rate Reliability Monitor- Test Report (Quarterly) -- Q2 2014
  Download   Lead-Free Material Analysis Data -- 14Sep10
    Download Process and Package Reliability Qualification Report 2.3 11Feb11

NAS 7821 Development Tools

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Rapid Development Kit (RDK)     Download Dual DDR Reference Schematics 1.0 12Apr11
    Download Evaluation Board Schematics 1.0 12Apr11
    Download Getting Started with the NAS 782x RDK 8.0 12Oct11
    Download Reference Schematics 1.0 12Apr11
Software Development Kit (SDK)     Download Pre-Built Binaries (74MB) 3.0 07Jun11
    Download Software Overview 2.0 21Oct10
    Download Source Code (file size 400MB) requires special NDA 3.0 07Jun11

Relevant Press Releases

Release Date Announcement
01/13/11 EDN Magazine Selects PLX Technology's NAS-based Consumer Storage Family as "HOT 100" Product for 2010
09/29/10 PLX Partners with Tuxera to Deliver High-Performance File System Suite
09/21/10 PLX Technology Selects Paragon Software for High-Performance Cross-Platform Technology

NAS 7821 Applications

Application Description Document
Home Media Gateway High-Performance Storage Reads & Writes, Wireless Routing, and Video Transcoding ExpressApps#82