Board of Directors

Name of Nominee Position Director
Committee Assignment
Michael J. Salameh Chairman 1986 Audit & Nominating
Martin Colombatto Director 2013 Compensation
Stephen Domenik Director 2013 Audit
John H. Hart Director 1999 Compensation (Chairman) & Nominating
David K. Raun President and Director 2012  
Ralph Schmitt Director 2008  
Eric Singer Director 2013 Nominating (Chairman) & Compensation
Patrick Verderico Director 2004 Audit (Chairman) & Compensation

Michael J. Salameh co-founded PLX and served as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors from PLX's inception in May 1986. He retired from his position as CEO in November 2008, continued to serve as a director, and became Chairman of the Board in January 2014. In addition to serving as PLX's CEO for 22 years, he personally participated in many of the key company functions including sales, marketing, engineering, accounting, quality assurance and operations. He is familiar with the company's critical business processes, the key people and the business landscape including customers, markets, suppliers and competition. Mr. Salameh currently performs management consulting for private technology companies and serves on the Board of Directors of Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOSL). He has more than 25 years of chief executive and marketing experience in the semiconductor industry. From 1980 through 1986, Mr. Salameh was employed in various marketing management positions with Hewlett-Packard Company. Mr. Salameh received a B.S. in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Martin Colombatto was elected to serve on the Board of Directors at PLX Technology in December 2013. Mr. Colombatto is an experienced semiconductor industry executive with 30 years of in the semiconductor and electronics industry with combined expertise in engineering, product development, sales and marketing, general management, and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Colombatto was formerly Chairman and CEO of Staccato Communications (ultra wideband), as well as Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom's Networking Business Unit where he led the acquisition of five companies which formed the technology and product foundation for future revenue growth. He is also a Director at Luxtera (Silicon Photonics), as well as ClariPhy (Telecom), and has held various management positions at LSI Logic Corporation, Texas Instruments and Reliance Electric. Mr. Colombatto holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he currently serves on the Dean's Leadership Board for the School of Engineering and is a member of the university's National Development Counsel.

Stephen Domenik was elected to serve on the Board of Directors at PLX Technology in December 2013. Mr. Domenik has been a General Partner with Sevin Rosen Funds, a venture capital firm, since 1995. Mr. Domenik currently also sits on the Boards of Directors of Pixelworks, Inc (NASDAQ: PXLW), and MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY), both of which are fabless semiconductor companies. Mr. Domenik previously served on the Board of Directors of NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETL) from January 2001 until it was acquired by Broadcom Corporation in February 2012. During his tenure at Sevin Rosen Funds, Mr. Domenik has led numerous investments in private companies. He holds an A.B. in Physics and an M.S.E.E. from the University of California at Berkeley.

John H. Hart has been a director of PLX since April 1999. He is a former senior vice president and Chief Technology Officer of 3Com. At 3Com, Mr. Hart was responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company during the 10 year period from 1990 to 2000 in which it grew annual revenue from $400 million to almost $6 billion. He architected and led 3Com's "Fast, Cheap and Simple" (FCS) first/last mile networking strategy and was responsible for 3Com's Advanced Development Lab which pioneered Ethernet adapter and switch solutions, 802.11 solutions, and cable modems/low cost routers. Prior to 3Com, Mr. Hart was Vice President of Engineering at Vitalink Communications Corporation where he led the group that invented, patented and shipped the industry's first Ethernet switching products. He has experience in determining successful strategic directions. Mr. Hart currently serves on the board of Plantronics Inc. since 2006, and previously served on the boards of Coherent Inc. from 2000-2010, and Clearspeed Technology PLC from 2002-2008. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Georgia. The Board selected Mr. Hart to serve as a director because of his technology experience and perspective. Many of the technology and market trends and business issues that Mr. Hart experienced at 3Com are directly relevant to PLX's business.

David Raun was appointed president and CEO in December 2012. He joined PLX Technology in November 2004 as Vice President, Marketing. In May 2007 his role was expanded to include VP of Business Development. In March 2012 he was promoted to Sr. EVP & General Manager. From January 2002 through November 2004, he was Vice President of Marketing at Pericom Semiconductor. In 2001, Mr. Raun was Executive Vice President & General Manager at Actovate. Prior to Actovate he held several executive positions at Waferscale Integration, Inc., including Vice President of PSD & Memory Products ('97-'00), Vice President of Sales ('96-'97), and Director of Sales ('94-'96). From 1985 to 1995, Mr. Raun held other sales, sales management, and marketing positions at Waferscale and AMD. He holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Ralph Schmitt served as our President and Chief Executive Officer, and has been a member of our board of directors, since November 2008. He resigned from his position as CEO in October 2012 and continues to serve as a director. He has been involved in the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years in various diversified areas such as design, application, sales, marketing and general management. Mr. Schmitt has served on multiple semiconductor boards and has run four different semiconductor companies. In October 2012, Mr. Schmitt was appointed Chief Executive Officer of OCZ Technology Group (A Toshiba Group Company), which designs, manufactures, and distributes solid state drives and computer components. In April 2011, he joined the board of OCZ Technology Group. He chaired the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Emerging Company Council from 2010 to 2012 and was on the GSA board in 2012. Prior to joining our company, Mr. Schmitt consulted with a variety of venture capitalists, as well as acted as chief executive officer of Legend Silicon, a privately funded Chinese terrestrial digital TV semiconductor company. From June 2005 to August 2007, Mr. Schmitt served as the chief executive officer of Sipex, an analog semiconductor company, which merged with Exar Corporation in August 2007. Upon the completion of the merger, he was appointed chief executive officer and a director of Exar, positions he held until the end of 2007. From 1999 to 2005, Mr. Schmitt was the Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Cypress Semiconductor, a seller of a broad range of semiconductor products to global markets. He has also served on the boards at Cypress subsidiaries and other privately held semiconductor and systems companies. Mr. Schmitt received his BSEE from Rutgers University. The Board previously selected Mr. Schmitt to serve as a director because he was the chief executive officer of the Company, and is currently proposing his nomination as a director based on his experience in the semiconductor industry and his relationships with many executives and senior management at semiconductor companies throughout the United States.

Eric Singer was elected to serve on the Board of Directors at PLX Technology in December 2013. He has over 17 years of experience as an investor in the semiconductor industry and has served as a co-managing member of Potomac Capital Management III, L.L.C., the general partner of Potomac Capital Partners III, L.P., since March 2012. Since May 2009, Mr. Singer has served as an advisor to Potomac Management and its related entities, and has been a member of Potomac Capital Management II, L.L.C. since January 2012. From August 2008 until its sale in February 2010, Mr. Singer served as a Director of Zilog Corporation, a public semiconductor company. Mr. Singer was previously a senior investment analyst at Riley Investment Management and also managed private portfolios for Alpine Resources LLC. Mr. Singer holds a BA from Brandeis University.

Patrick Verderico has been a director of PLX since November 2004. He is an operations and financial executive with more than 25 years of industry and consulting experience with high technology companies. Mr. Verderico has extensive line experience in manufacturing, finance, planning, and international operations with service as a corporate officer in seven high technology companies in manufacturing, finance and executive management. Mr. Verderico's international experience includes expatriate assignments in Latin America and Asia. He has served on the Board of Directors of three publicly traded semiconductor companies before joining the Board of PLX. Mr. Verderico is a certified public accountant and has both audit and compensation board committee experience. From 1992 to 2008, Mr. Verderico served as a director of Micro Component Technology, Inc., a semiconductor test equipment manufacturer. He also previously served on the board of directors of OSE USA, Inc., a semiconductor-packaging foundry, from 1997-2006 and Catalyst Semiconductor, a programmable integrated circuit manufacturer, from 1996-2000. From January 2001 to January 2003, he was Chief Financial Officer of Ubicom, an Internet processor and software company. From April 1997 to November 2000, he worked at OSE USA, Inc. where his last position was President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to 1997, Mr. Verderico held executive positions with Maxtor as Chief Operating Officer, Creative Technology as Chief Financial Officer, Cypress Semiconductor as Chief Financial Officer, Philips Semiconductors as Vice President of Assembly Operations, National Semiconductor as Corporate Controller, and a former partner of Coopers & Lybrand. Mr. Verderico received a B.A. from the University of Akron and a Masters of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Pennsylvania State University. The Board selected Mr. Verderico to serve as a director because he has broad financial and operational management experience with high technology companies, and has experience with board committee functions such as audit and compensation.