PLX USB Device-Side API Developerís Help System


This function closes programming of individual endpoints.

NcApi_ EpClose (
  NCBYTE LogicalEp



The Logical Endpoint represents the endpointís ordinal position in a client configuration, starting with one.

Note: Zero represents Endpoint Zero, which cannot be closed.


Client calls NcApi_EpClose before reprogramming an endpoint. This function is rarely, if ever, called. In most cases, the API automatically closes endpoints when appropriate. NcApi_EpClose applies to interfaces with mutually exclusive settings, as described in USB 2.0, Section 9.4.10 (Set Interface). In response to a narrow set of Set Interface requests, client may need to reprogram the endpoint. Client first calls NcApi_EpClose, then NcApi_EpCreate, to safely reprogram the endpoint.

Tip: From the hostís perspective, the endpoint must be idle between client calls to NcApi_EpClose and NcApi_EpCreate, as suggested in USB 2.0, Section 10.3.1.

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