About PLX

PLX is a public company listed on NASDAQ and traded as stock symbol PLXT. The Company has been developing leading I/O interconnect silicon and complimentary software since 1994.

The Company is the technology and market share leader in PCI Express switches and bridges, with additional leadership USB controllers, legacy PCI bridges, and consumer storage controllers. These serial technologies have become mainstream, and PLX has been able to offer innovative differentiated products based on these interconnect standards while providing scalability and performance at a lower cost.

PLX offers a complete solution consisting of semiconductor devices, software development kits, hardware design kits, operating system ports, and firmware solutions that enable added-value features in our products. We differentiate our products by offering higher performance at lower power, by enabling a richer customer experience based on proprietary features that enable system-level customer advantages, and by providing capabilities that enable a customer to get to market more quickly.

Our corporate office is in Sunnyvale, CA USA with additional technical offices located throughout North America, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and the Europe.


Our complete family includes:

Target Applications

  • Server - Rack-mount, Blade, and Stand-alone
  • Enterprise Storage - Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Communications - Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM), Base Station Controller, Wireless LAN Gateway, VoIP Gateway, Remote Access Concentrator, and Router/Switch
  • Consumer - Mobile, TV, Printer, Graphics, Wireless LAN and PC
  • Embedded Control - Imaging & Graphics, Printer, Medical, and Industrial
  • Consumer- and SOHO-based Storage Applications including NAS and DAS